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    final destination 4.5

    November 10, 2011 by Thecakeking

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  • Thecakeking

    tomorrow's my bday

    November 4, 2011 by Thecakeking

    just a shoutout

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  • Thecakeking

    okay, so here are the deaths in my fanfic:

    PREMONITION DEATHS (the disaster was a bus crash if you didn't know)

    • Candace is defiled against the street when the bottom of the bus flies off
    • a tire flies through the windshield and bludgeons Kathy
    • Nina is impaled by a pole when the back part slams into it
    • George is scorched when the back part explodes
    • Marnie is obliterated by the door when the back part explodes
    • Jessica is impaled by a metal shard
    • Lance's head is cut open by glass
    • Randy is scorched when the bus sets in flames
    • Michael is scorched when the bus sets in flames
    • Cole is splattered by the bus motor
    • the hood of the bus flies off and strikes David with brute force
    • a stopsign impales Jake


    • Candace gets her foot stuck on a train track and…
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  • Thecakeking

    (echoing screams heard)

    Jake: i don't know why, but i feel as if something bad is going to happen.

    Michael: quit worrying, dude! there is no way the bus is going to crash!

    (bus starts moving)

    (bus swerves out of comtrol)

    (bus explodes)

    (Jake glances around nervously)

    Jake: we have to get off the bus!

    (off the bus)

    Jake: i saw it in a vision! the bus is gonna crash!

    (bus crash seen)

    (group stares in horror)

    Michael: you don't understand, Jake. we cheated death...

    (Nina seen walking out of LASIK eye surgery building)

    Michael: death is going to get us back.

    (truck swerves around)

    (chains snap)

    (poles fly towards Nina)

    (screen goes black)

    And now...

    (Candace gets her foot stuck in subway track)

    a new race against death...

    (subway lights seen in tunnel)


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  • Thecakeking

    ok, so there will be 12 survivors and i'm already #11 as Jake Christensen, Wendy's cousin. This story will also combine with Devil's Flight, Club Kitty, Train 081, and Mckinley Speedway. register in the comment area. here's the list of survivors so far:

    12: David Cheney (clearriversfan)

    11: Jake Christensen (me)

    10: Cole Michaelis (darkingdomhearts)

    9: Michael Smith (unfriendme04)

    8: Randy Holl (telmen temkka)

    7: Lance Mareth (finaldestinationfan2)

    6: Jessica Murray (tav180)

    5: Marnie Castle (Left4Deadseries FAN)

    4: George Fehr (horrorfan101)

    3: Heather "Nina" Alexander (giggles099)

    2: Kathy Wellis (deweyriley)

    1: Candace Miller (berbah)

    SURPRISE EXTRA CHARACTER: when Jake, Michael, and Randy go online for info about death they find out about a pile-up…

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