ok, so there will be 12 survivors and i'm already #11 as Jake Christensen, Wendy's cousin. This story will also combine with Devil's Flight, Club Kitty, Train 081, and Mckinley Speedway. register in the comment area. here's the list of survivors so far:

12: David Cheney (clearriversfan)

11: Jake Christensen (me)

10: Cole Michaelis (darkingdomhearts)

9: Michael Smith (unfriendme04)

8: Randy Holl (telmen temkka)

7: Lance Mareth (finaldestinationfan2)

6: Jessica Murray (tav180)

5: Marnie Castle (Left4Deadseries FAN)

4: George Fehr (horrorfan101)

3: Heather "Nina" Alexander (giggles099)

2: Kathy Wellis (deweyriley)

1: Candace Miller (berbah)

SURPRISE EXTRA CHARACTER: when Jake, Michael, and Randy go online for info about death they find out about a pile-up on route 23 and see that two survivors are still alive: Kimberly and Thomas. so they go find Kimberly and later Thomas and they join the group, but eventually they are chopped to bits in a woodchipper.

opening accident: Jake is on the bus listening to "end of the world", when he watches Michael board. he then sees Randy and Lance come on. Jessica then comes on behind Lance and they sit down and start making out. then Marnie, George, and Nina came on, looking nervous. then Kathy comes on and finally Candace comes on. when the bus starts moving, it starts wobbling a little bit. then a lot. then the floor explodes and Candace flies in the hole and is defiled against the ground. a tire then shot off and flew through the window and bludgeoned Kathy. the back part then hits a pole and explodes, killing Nina, George, and Marnie. the debris is grinding against the ground. then a piece flies off and impales Jessica in the chest. the windshield shatters and a shard of glass splits open Lance's head. Randy and Michael attempted to escape, but the bus caught fire, boiling them both. Cole is driving by in his car during the bus accident and watches the bus spin out of control. then the motor flies off and splatters him. Jake jumped off and he broke his leg. he watched as the bus exploded. Jake then sees that the bus exploded next to a stopsign. the stopsign flies in the air and stabs right into jake's stomach.

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