okay, so here are the deaths in my fanfic:

PREMONITION DEATHS (the disaster was a bus crash if you didn't know)

  • Candace is defiled against the street when the bottom of the bus flies off
  • a tire flies through the windshield and bludgeons Kathy
  • Nina is impaled by a pole when the back part slams into it
  • George is scorched when the back part explodes
  • Marnie is obliterated by the door when the back part explodes
  • Jessica is impaled by a metal shard
  • Lance's head is cut open by glass
  • Randy is scorched when the bus sets in flames
  • Michael is scorched when the bus sets in flames
  • Cole is splattered by the bus motor
  • the hood of the bus flies off and strikes David with brute force
  • a stopsign impales Jake


  • Candace gets her foot stuck on a train track and is hit by a train
  • Kathy is crushed by an amplifier at a concert
  • Nina is impaled by 4 metal poles through her neck
  • a chandelier falls on George and shatters his ribs
  • Marnie is impaled and sliced by various weapons in an armory
  • Jessica falls to her death from a skyscraper
  • Lance is torn limb from limb in a malfunctioning machine
  • Randy is bisected by a metal sheet
  • Michael intervenes in David's supposed death and gets hacked to bits in a plane engine
  • Cole's upper part is frozen and shattered
  • Jake is crushed by a car in the parking lot of Mckinley speedway
  • David is hit by the side mirror of a car and crushed by a bus

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