(echoing screams heard)

Jake: i don't know why, but i feel as if something bad is going to happen.

Michael: quit worrying, dude! there is no way the bus is going to crash!

(bus starts moving)

(bus swerves out of comtrol)

(bus explodes)

(Jake glances around nervously)

Jake: we have to get off the bus!

(off the bus)

Jake: i saw it in a vision! the bus is gonna crash!

(bus crash seen)

(group stares in horror)

Michael: you don't understand, Jake. we cheated death...

(Nina seen walking out of LASIK eye surgery building)

Michael: death is going to get us back.

(truck swerves around)

(chains snap)

(poles fly towards Nina)

(screen goes black)

And now...

(Candace gets her foot stuck in subway track)

a new race against death...

(subway lights seen in tunnel)


(Candace screams)

Final Destination Fanfic

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