aka the gamer guy

  • I live in nerdtopia
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is gamer
  • I am male
  • Thevideogamer

    When a kid starts throwing rocks at his friend on a ride at the Thrillrides Park, a rock jams the gears of the ride and it erupts in flames. A bottle of gasoline spilled by a hobo in the park is hit by the flames as the park becomes a raging inferno. Several people run to the exit of the park, but before they reach it, a piece of the broken ride crushes the turnstyles and block the exit. Wyatt, still trapped on a ride, tries desperately to get off, only to get loose and fall into the flames where he dies of injuries from the fall and the flames. Aiden, trying to escape with the others, is trampled and before he can get up, a man with cleets on kicks the back of his head while running. Aiden then succumbs to the wounds and dies. Hannah and …

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