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    the picture

    September 13, 2011 by Thezapman11

    ok. seriously. where did the picture of olivia on my page come from?

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    final destination 6 trailer (redone)

    (train moves towards camera)

    quinn: i'm not sure, maybe we should take a plane instead

    colman: come on dude! what's wrong with the subway system!

    quinn: well, never mind

    cade: i guaranteed that the train won't derail!

    (broken piece of track seen)

    (train starts moving)

    cade: here we go on our trip!

    (train starts shaking)

    (wheel flies off)

    (back car explodes)

    colman: dude, are you okay?

    quinn: we have to get off the train

    (overhead view of train crashing)

    (screen goes black)

    quinn: we weren't supposed to get off the train

    (cops arrive at the scene of the crash)

    quinn: now death is going to get us back

    (cade trips onto floor)

    (knife falls towards camera)

    cade: but maybe we can break the design

    (christian points a gun at the grou…

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    i am creating a final destination fanfic, but have no other ideas but the characters. can you guys help out with a disaster and character deaths? here is the list of characters:

    name: quinn

    description: a normal person that saves his friends from the as of yet unknown disaster

    name: cade

    description: quinn's best friend

    name: christian ( A.K.A captain marvel

    description: a comic nerd

    name: stuart

    description: a bully who still believes in kooties XD

    name: colman

    description: christian's best friend

    name: ingrid

    description: colman's girlfriend

    name: khan (A.K.A the third design)

    description: a servant of death who poses as a survivor

    hope this helps:)

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