final destination 6 trailer (redone)

(train moves towards camera)

quinn: i'm not sure, maybe we should take a plane instead

colman: come on dude! what's wrong with the subway system!

quinn: well, never mind

cade: i guaranteed that the train won't derail!

(broken piece of track seen)

(train starts moving)

cade: here we go on our trip!

(train starts shaking)

(wheel flies off)

(back car explodes)

colman: dude, are you okay?

quinn: we have to get off the train

(overhead view of train crashing)

(screen goes black)

quinn: we weren't supposed to get off the train

(cops arrive at the scene of the crash)

quinn: now death is going to get us back

(cade trips onto floor)

(knife falls towards camera)

cade: but maybe we can break the design

(christian points a gun at the group)

quinn: cade, listen. no matter how hard we try...

(crane goes haywire)

(ingrid turns around)

quinn: nobody can cheat death

(crane swings towards ingrid)

(screen goes black)


there. better?

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