ok so i am making an FD fanfic and the details are below :)


Deric and his friends are aboard the Starship Cruiseliner when an explosion happens next to the railing, causing a piece of railing to impale Nathan through his head. everyone is panicking as the flame spreads to the deck. Katie trips over while running and is trampled by the crowd. she looks up, only to get obliterated by another explosion that happens right underneath her. Ryan tries to flee as the flames spread, but another explosion throws him into the water. he resurfaces, only to get sucked into the engine and hacked to bits. Anna attempts to find her sister among the crowd, only to watch her sister get pushed off the boat and drown. Anna collapses, crying and is decapitated by a piece of wood. Sarah and Troy run for a life boat on the other side of the boat, but before they reach it, the boat splits in half, and Troy makes it to the other side, as Sarah falls down and smashes her skull on the side of the boat. Troy meets up with Deric as they try to escape, but there side is hit by a tsunami, causing Troy to drown and Deric to fall off the edge and hit the water. he resurfaces gasping, as the rest of the boat falls on top of him.

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