What is your favorite film

The poll was created at 11:13 on July 15, 2011, and so far 24 people voted.

For me I like the most according to the most like to least like

  1. FD1- because it is dark and the first and you don't know anything from it.
  1. FD3- because you know how you die using the pictures. But the end is debatable if the Wendy, Kevin and Julie lived.
  1. TFD- because the things on how you gonna die is saw by the one that has premonition. And like the 3rd one 3 are saved by later die. And plot holes is the people saved from the mall also dies.
  1. FD2- because it Brian is also on Death's list not on Route 23. And Kimberly and Burke's death is not shown or how they cheat death when Burke die or Kimberly and they are chopped by the woodchipper.

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