I decided to make a fanfiction for Final Destination 6 (or maybe it can be called Final Destination 666).Im already working on the after-premonition deaths but I still dont know what will my opening disaster be.

What do you think will be better,A huge crane hitting a building making it collapse or a cruise ship explosion?

I really want to do the Cruise Ship Explosion but I dont know how it will happen.What can cause a cruise ship explosion?Can you guys help me out and elaborate the chain of events that will happen in order to have a cruise ship explosion?

Eventhough Craig Perry said that Julie,Kevin and Wendy are DEAD, Wendy will be alive here (she somehow manage to escape the train by breaking one of the glass windows and jumping out of it but will receive injuries like broken leg and fracture but wouldnt cause her death) but insane after all the tragedy.The survivors in S.S. McKinley 081 will ask Wendy about the Death List after the some of the survivors started dying in freak accidents.

For the first death,I want it to be brutal(even more brutal that Valerie Lewtons death which is by far I think the most brutal death of the series) but I want the character to be still fighting for his/her life eventhough he/she had been impaled and crawling on the floor or his/her are hands and legs are broken and fractured but still crying for help to make it more intense cause pretty much all the first deaths are boring (strangled by a wire,hit by a ladder in the eye socket,trapped and burned to death,drag down the street of fire and breaking the spine with bones popping out).I want the death to be gory,brutal and epic just like Olivia's death or Rory's.

And what can you say about a steam roller death?Or a car falling off a 3-storey parking garage and crushing one of the survivors then ran over by a speeding truck?

Im planning a restaurant death what starts a kitchen fire/explosion?

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