• Van Eugenio Villaraza

    Premonition Deaths

    Candace - impaled by a sailboat's pole

    Isaac - Crushed to a bus window and drowned

    Olivia- Crushed by a falling car

    Nathan - Slammed by thick cable

    Dennis - Splashed with boiling tar

    Peter- Impaled by rebars in the head

    Sam- Cut in half by steel panels

    Molly- Wasn't meant to die but thought to be a part of death's list

    Actual Deaths and scenes

    Candace- A screw fell off the fan.She moved to the bars while her competition moved to the beam .Her competition tumbled in to the screw and falls to her coach who holding a bucket of powdery gymnast chalk .The chalk was spilled when they fell down. The ceiling fan fell down (with blades still spinning) and creates a cloud of chalk that concealed Candace when she was making a landing.As the …

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