Premonition Deaths

Candace - impaled by a sailboat's pole

Isaac - Crushed to a bus window and drowned

Olivia- Crushed by a falling car

Nathan - Slammed by thick cable

Dennis - Splashed with boiling tar

Peter- Impaled by rebars in the head

Sam- Cut in half by steel panels

Molly- Wasn't meant to die but thought to be a part of death's list

Actual Deaths and scenes

Candace- A screw fell off the fan.She moved to the bars while her competition moved to the beam .Her competition tumbled in to the screw and falls to her coach who holding a bucket of powdery gymnast chalk .The chalk was spilled when they fell down. The ceiling fan fell down (with blades still spinning) and creates a cloud of chalk that concealed Candace when she was making a landing.As the cloud disappears,Candace is seen ,legs over the head,back snapped.

Isaac -Impaled with acupuncture needles when he fell down the wooden bed/table.He accidentally kicks a pail of flammable oil that spilled all over the floor.A candle falls and ignites the oil as he was trying to take off some of the needles in his torso.He was burned alive.

Olivia- Her eye was burned by a malfunctioning Lasik machine.The ophtalmologist,Sam and Molly managed to stop the machine but later on ,Olivia fell off the window when she slipped on her teddy bear's eye.She landed on Nathan's car.

Okay,I dont want to spoil everything but I'll give you more scenes and twists.

  • Nathan cheats death.
  • Dennis dies when a wrench impaled his eyes
  • Peter will lose his sanity.
  • Peter will try to kill Molly (part of Kill or be Killed plot) but will be stopped by Agent Jim Block and Sam.I wont say how they stopped Peter.
  • Molly is not meant to die in the premonition,so when Sam saved her from Peter she was put on Death's List.
  • Sam and Molly moves to Paris .Sam works on Cafe Le Miro 81.

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