My vision and deaths for final destination 6


vision:Scene shows a bus with workers(also including Justin's son Sam).then bus stops at a tunnel seconds later Nick (main character) and others start saw some cracks then everyone one escapes from bus.Justin and his son Sam crushed by falling debris. Peter is run over by a car.Mason is killed by flying tire.Joseph is impaled by a supporting beam.Abigail is crushed by a log that coming from a truck.Emma is diced by a saw.And Nick is impaled by Rebar beams and premonition ends. Then Nick says his friends he saw a premonition about tunnel is going to collapse.Then Nick and His girlfriend Emma started escape then Justin,Sam,Mason,Joseph,Abigail and Peter start to exiting from bus and follow Nick then tunnel starts to collapse.


Sam:Cut half by a glass pane that falls on him

Justin:He dies when his car exploded by a firey cigarette that comes to his spilled oil

Peter:He falls lava when he goes to tour to a lava mine

Mason:Stuck in gears when he is working

Joseph:Cut half by an automatic door

Abigail:Her head cut when she fells down of window then window closes and cuts her head

Emma:She fells down her apartment

Nick:Nick goes to his work in factory.a malfunctioning hook falls from up and crashes catwalk and Nick falls to spikes which impales him

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