Laura is a character from Final Destination-Deadly Days.She was survivor of the bus accident in Florida.She was also the main protagonist and visionaire.
Laura Heathers
[[Image:|Laura Heathers|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination-Deadly Days
Last Seen
Final Destination-Deadly Days
Full Name
Laura Christina Heathers
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
crushed by a train
Jason Daniels - boyfriend

Ashlynn Summers - best friend Melanie Ming - best friend Hektor Reed - friend

Cecile Jolie - friend

She's the ninth and last survivor to die.


Laura was a normal girl at her High School.She loved her boy friend and had a lot of friends.She was annoyed by Simon's bahavior.

Deadly Days

In her premotion her foot stucked in a sharp and she drowned.

After her premotion she freaked out and a few other students and a teacher followed her out of the bus.

She tried to save Ashlynn when she burned to death but she failed.Also she failed when she tried to save Colin,Eric and Simon.

She was the first who believed Cecile's theorie about death's plan.


After Cecile's death , she and the two other survivors thought they were saved.A few days later she and Jason came back from a football game and goes in a subway.When someone told her about Melanie's death , an other girl started to freak out and tried to stop the train.Suddenly the train starts to shake and everybody fell in panic.When a train wheel kills a woman Jason looses controll and fell out of the train because the wheel made a big hole.When the train colapsed she fainted.A short time later,she awaked because the panic girl screamed.She was knocked over by an train,which against the other drove, flipped over and fell on Laura,killing her.


-In the train were a lot of advertisings.

-One of the mall where Ashlynn died.

-One of the company made Colins's PC.

-One of Melanie's service station.

-One of a construction company that builds skyscrapers.

-On her picture she sat in a train with Jason and Hektor.

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