Melanie is a character from Final Destination - Deadly Days.She was survivor of the bus accident in Florida and one of Laura's best friends.
Melanie Ming
[[Image:|Melanie Ming|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination-Deadly Days
Last Seen
Final Destination-Deadly Days
Full Name
Melanie Yuting Ming
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
crushed in her car between a bus and a truck - later burned
Laura Heathers - best friend Ashlynn Summers - best friend

She is the seventh survivor to die.


She was a student at Laura's school.7 years ago she and her parents moved from China to Florida and opened a sevice station.She is very interested in cars , but she tried to hide that because she thought it isn't lady like.She had a stalker , Eric , but she never noticed it.

Deadly Days

In Laura's premotion she was ripped of by a giant sharp.

When Laura freaked out and ran out the bus,Melanie followed her because she was worried about her.

She was with Ashlynn,Laura and Cecile at the mall where Ashlynn died. She was saved by Laura,Cecile,Hektor,Jason and Mrs.Hughes and sits next to the car which killed Eric and originally her too.She was nearly to Hektor when he was crashed by a train.After Cecile's death she wanted to go back to China.


After Ceciles suicid , Laura,Jason and her thought they're saved.So Melanie didn't care about the travic on he way to the airport. Suddenly she slowed down because a bus appears on a crossing.But a truck behind her didn't slowed down and squashed her car between the other two including her.She cried for help but when some people ran to her ,the engine exploded killing her.


-On her picture she sit in a car and behind her is Eric with a camera.Her exploded engine (located at the trunk) symbolised with the flashlight .

-She moved to New York 7 years ago.She is the seventh survivor to die.

-Ashlynn commented her facination for cars :"Sometime you died in a car."Ironical she died in a car and both of them burned.

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