Constable Wagg is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a boatman along with his other brother. As they were sailing and drinking tea around a fire, both of them heard a loud splash in the distance and quickly rushed over to investigate. Wagg vaguely noticed a white blotch in the water and stuck a pole out in order to retrieve the item. The brothers were surprised that it was the body of a young woman named Juliet Collins, who had just plummeted into the Thames River. Wagg began to check for a pulse and felt a faint heartbeat, indicating she was still alive. The brothers took turns giving the girl CPR and, after prying the severed hand of Jack the Ripper away and giving her mouth-to-mouth, Juliet was resuscitated.

Wagg later appeared at Gilbert Collins's house, where Juliet thanked Wagg for bringing her back to life.

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